Beki Test, Mike Neely, Nina Hawranick, Karl Wohlwend

This is a song about simultaneous time and all the lives we live.

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Our Story

We are Beki Test, Mike Neely and Adrienne Novak Braddock--a duo, trio and a full band, depending on the gig.  All original, beautiful harmonies--a wonderful mixture of contemporary singer/songwriter folk, with a dash of Irish magic, flute, whistle, guitar, mandolin, percussion and sometimes bass.  This stuff is good!  

 We are currently getting our chops back after a long covid break-- getting back to work on our cd and hoping to make it back to our in person studio (Tom Boyer, GBS records) soon.  It's slow going, so bear with us and keep checking back for new music and news updates.  We hope to do a face to face show some time in September,  and maybe a mini-show on someone's patio before that.  We'll keep you posted. 

    We perform as a duo (Mike and Beki or Adrienne and Beki), mostly a trio, and occasionally a foursome.

Beki  is a poet, educator, songwriter, and she has been a singer and a songwriter from the day she was born.   Mike is a multi-instrumentalist:  he rocks both acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin and Irish whistle.  Mike and Beki met in a living room in Columbus, Ohio and liked the music they made together.  Adrienne creates beautiful harmonies and adds flute and percussion to our tunes.  Our sometimes bass player, Karl, wails a fretless bass.  We're known for fine vocal harmonies, and lyric-driven songs.

This is music that stays with you long after the show is over.  Buy a cd, download a tune--you will love what you hear.